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Serco and Lego: A Model for Safety

Lego operates their 450,000 square foot worldwide distribution center twenty-four hours per day to keep up with business. They service fifty trucks over three shifts and chose Serco Full Control Hydraulic Levelers for the new addition. In discussing their needs with Maybury, Lego stated that their main considerations for choosing Serco were safety, productivity and efficiency.Lego Systems, Inc., a division of Denmark-based Lego/AS, located in Enfield, Connecticut, has been a Maybury customer for many years. When they decided to expand their loading docks, Lego came to Maybury for our expertise in material handling safety and productivity.


Like Maybury, Lego has a strong commitment to safety and holds a progressive safety program meeting once a month. To ensure the safety of Lego employees, we recommended the Dock Guard™ Barrier Lip option on Serco’s HFC hydraulic levelers. This option protects personnel, goods and equipment from an accidental roll-off, whether the leveler is stored with no truck in position, the dock operator is end-loading product onto the back of the truck, or even when the leveler is in a below-dock, end-load position.


In addition to installing twenty-seven hydraulic levelers with the barrier lip, Lego also had Maybury install twenty-nine of Serco’s SL2060 Safety-Loc™ truck restraints. These restraints increase safety at the dock by limiting trailer creep, preventing premature truck departure and increasing communication between the truck driver and dock attendant. Serco’s patented dual locking positions restrict trailer movement and safely engage most rear impact guard configurations. If the unit should fail to engage, it automatically recycles the unit into the stored position and activates warning lights to alert dock personnel.


The Serco dock equipment installed by Maybury helped Lego to increase productivity and efficiency, while maintaining strict standards for employee safety. 


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