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Maybury Supplies Lowe’s with 130 New Crown Lift Trucks


Lowe’s, the second-largest home improvement retailer in the world, is preparing to open a 32-acre regional distribution center (RDC) in Plainfield, CT.  This new facility is located on Tarbox Road and is equivalent to approximately 28 football fields under one roof. The Plainfield RDC will service up to 125 Lowe’s stores in the Northeast.


Maybury Material Handling supplied Lowe’s with 130 Crown lift trucks, including: rider pallet trucks, reach trucks, stockpickers, stand-up counterbalanced trucks and tow tractors. The assortment of trucks will be used to transport various products throughout Lowe’s RDC. Kevin Malsbury, Keith Bailey and Peter Snelgrove made up the Maybury Service Technician team that was responsible for getting all of the trucks up and running in the facility. The three technicians were at Lowe’s every day for a little over three weeks performing the necessary installation of the trucks. Tasks included unloading, uprighting, cleaning and installing batteries at one end of the facility, and then driving the trucks to their respective work areas (about two football fields away) to perform a pre-delivery inspection or “prep” the trucks. The Service Technicians used a manufacturer’s checklist to inspect the visual and mechanical components of each individual truck, as well as the fluid reservoirs. Third Post Kits were also installed on fourteen of the reach trucks for additional operator protection when working in aisles.


Larry Discher, one of Maybury’s Customer Service Representatives and Crown Factory-Certified Instructor, also administered a training workshop to Lowe’s in-house trainers in order to prepare them for the training of 500 lift truck operators. The training workshop is a combination of classroom lecture and applied practice that includes use of video tapes, discussions, testing and hands-on operation of powered industrial trucks.


Maybury Material Handling looks forward to providing Lowe’s with continued service support, as well as Crown factory parts, in order to maintain its fleet of trucks.

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