1. FactoryCat GTR Scrubber

    FactoryCat GTR Scrubber
    is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The GTR Floor Scrubber Dryer comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel drive for climbing ramps and max operator ease. While keeping with the constant durability that FactoryCat machines have to offer, your operators will find the GTR Floor Scrubber Dryer easy to maneuver and simple to service. The deck is protected...
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  2. Minuteman Roboscrub

    Minuteman Roboscrub
    This is a must have asset in your shop or warehouse. Contact Dave Buchanan and he will give you a quick quote for the AI Roboscrub. Call Dave at 413-525-4216.
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  3. Best brush, pad, and broom guide

    Best brush, pad, and broom guide
      Have you struggled with What is the best brush or broom for your Scrubber or Sweeper?   Here are a few questions you need to answer to pick the best brush for the job.   What is the flooring made of? The type of floor will help determine what brush to use. Also, what’s on the floor for a...
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  4. Powerboss - Thermal Green Technology

    PowerBoss Nautilus allows for a prolonged run time before draining and refilling, separating it from its scrubber/sweeper competitors. The Nautilus features a quick load hopper for safe and easy debris disposal, a quick view squeegee for easy changes and inspection, and an edge scrubber allowing you to clean closely to walls and other various items. The Powerboss Nautilus now offers...
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  5. The O3+ System

    The O3+ System
    In most applications, chemical-free cleaning results in acceptable levels of cleanliness. But, there are still applications and soil loads that require chemistry. In those cases, what do you do? The O3+ ® System provides you two completely separate systems: ZerO3 ® Aqueous Ozone (AO) system and Suds Chemical Dilution system. With the ability to immediately dispense detergent or AO at...
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  6. RoboScrub the AI Autonomous Scrubber

    RoboScrub the AI Autonomous Scrubber
      Minuteman Max Ride 20 RoboScrubber Powered by BrainOS® Maximizing Efficiency. Minimizing Costs. The Max Ride 20 powered by BrainOS® represents the next generation of robotic floor care. Brain's advanced vision-based A.I. system enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc...
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  7. Announcing The FactoryCat Cleaning Equipment Line

    Announcing The FactoryCat Cleaning Equipment Line
        Maybury Material Handling would like to announce the addition of the FactoryCat cleaning equipment line. FactoryCat services the world with unsurpassed industrial cleaning equipment, continually exceeding expectations, and setting the industry bar that much higher.   Download our brochures below, to contact us call Dave Buchanan for a FREE Demonstration today! Call 413-525-4216  Please download the latest FactoryCat brochure by...
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  8. OSHA’s New Silica Standards

    OSHA continually works to ensure the health of U.S. workers and our environment — and at PowerBoss, we strive to help you stay compliant with industry standards. Workers who are exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust are at increased risk of developing serious silica-related diseases. Therefore, OSHA has reduced the permissible exposure limit of respirable crystalline silica dust, requiring employers...
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  9. Should I sweep or should I scrub?

    Should I sweep or should I scrub?
    This question is asked of me every day when should I sweep when should I scrub I always ask why not do both? Power boss manufactures units that will sweep and scrub your floors at the same time whether a parking garage or a warehouse manufacturing center or distribution center we can help you from small walk behind the large...
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  10. 15 Point Cleaning Equipment Inspection

    15 Point Cleaning Equipment Inspection
    Is Your Cleaning Equipment Ready For Spring? Part of spring cleaning is making sure your cleaning equipment is in its best running condition. When was the last time you did proactive maintenance on your sweeper or scrubber? Are your operators checking, cleaning and maintaining your sweepers and scrubbers? Call today for a FREE sweeper and scrubber 15 point inspection. 413-525-4216
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