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  1. Cleaning Tip #1

    Cleaning Tip #1
    Welcome to the Cleaning Corner Where we will provide tips of the month related to industrial cleaning. Maybury Industrial Cleaning has been apart of Maybury for 27 years.Cleaning tip #1: remember that the Maybury Industrial Cleaning team are willing to come out to your facility and do a FREE survey/evaluation of your process and facility as well as a free...
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  2. Improve Your E-Commerce Warehouse

    Improve Your E-Commerce Warehouse
    1. Start small by implementing a cluster-picking strategy. By picking into multiple order containers (e.g., totes containing order batches or discrete order totes), companies can effectively pick multiple orders at one time using a single cart. And, make sure that cart is sizable (i.e., 5 feet x 2 feet with at least two or three shelves) and able to handle...
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  3. Can Santa Compete With Amazon?

    Can Santa Compete With Amazon?
    Santa Claus is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of presents for good girls and boys around the world. If you assume 2 billion children, 1 toy each, 364 workdays (Christmas day through the following December 23rd - then packing the sleigh on Christmas Eve), 16 hour days and each elf can make 4 toys per hour, you need around...
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