ay, we have a good idea about how connected robots operate in a manufacturing environment, often doing dangerous and repetitive tasks. Adding more robots with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to the workforce, allows human workers to do the more creative work that will best utilize this automation.
But the day could come, as top scientists predict, when artificially intelligent robots become smarter than humans and gain consciousness. Will they decide to continue working along humans? Or will they see humans as inferior ants and take defensive action? This is where Wirecrafter’s Machine Guarding could save the world. Every manufacturing facility utilizing robots will need the right machine guarding to create a strong barrier from the coming Robot Apocalypse. WireCrafters manufactures a heavy duty 6 GA stainless steel wire mesh suitable for powerful robots.

what if they still break through the machine guarding? Wirecrafters thought ahead with the Interlocked Guards which automatically shut off or disengage a machine through a tripping mechanism or power when the guard is opened or removed. The machine cannot cycle or start until the guard is replaced.

It’s still likely that robots become smarter than we could have ever imagined. Now realizing that they cannot break through the machine guarding themselves, the robots decide to manufacture a new fast spreading virus, creating the Undead. Using humans against humans. Can machine guarding still be used to save humanity against the onslaught of the Zombie Apocalypse?


Humans will need to move quickly to keep the hordes of zombies coming after them, and RapidGuard™ mesh panels are the best defense against them. RapidGuard™ installs 50% faster than conventional physical barrier products. So no matter if zombies find a new way inside your facility, the ability to quickly install an 11 GA stainless steel wire mesh, suitable even against corrosive material, will be your best weapon to keep you safe. Stainless steel wire mesh is made in a 1-1/2″ square pattern, so you will have peace of mind knowing that no unforeseen zombie hands will be trying to grab you.

Perhaps you need quick access to outside resources even with your machine guarding defenses in place? In this case, a biometric finger reader is probably not going to be your smartest choice for a door lock. A ten digit keypad entry lock isn’t exactly the speediest option either, especially if you’re being chased. We suggest the Adams Right eForce Proximity Reader, this lock activates upon waving the compatible card in front of the reader. It is compatible with a push bar on the back. Make sure zombies didn’t grab a human already carrying this card and please remember that the Proximity Reader is battery powered. If you do not have extra batteries on hand, your next best option is a regular key entry. Please make sure that whoever is holding the key does not have slow fumbling fingers, because if they drop the keys outside the gate, there is a very good chance the key holder will be eaten.