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New England Pallet Racks

We have a large in-stock pallet rack inventory and we partner with several manufacturers and are able to ship pallet rack products directly to the following states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Orders typically ship within 24-48 hours and our Pallet Rack Specialists are available to help ensure that you’re getting the right pallet racking for your storage needs. If you already know what you need and are ready to customize your pallet racking, this is the place. If you have any questions, please call 1-888-629-2879.

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Custom Pallet Rack Builder

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Custom Pallet Rack Builder - CT, MA, RI Shipping Only
Custom Pallet Rack Builder - CT, MA, RI Shipping Only

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    How to find the right pallet rack beams? The correct beam length for your application is calculated by adding together the widths of the pallet loads, 5″ side clearance between the uprights and pallets, and a 6″ space between pallet loads.
    Example: pallet width= 40″ 40″(Pallet) + 5″ (Side clearance) + 40″ (Pallet) + 5″ (Side clearance) + 6″ (Between Loads) = 96″ Beam Beam measurements: Length equals the total distance between uprights. Heightis measured from the top to bottom of the front side of the beam.
    Pallet Rack Upright Frame Information: How to find the right pallet rack uprights?
    Capacities are based on 48″ beam spacing. Depth of the frame should be 6″ less than the pallet length. For example, a 48″ deep pallet requires a rack with 42″ depth. Frame measurements: Frame height = (height of pallet + height of beam + 4″ vertical clearance) x number of levels.
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