Daily Degreaser

  • 20 LBS

  • Product will ship in 1-2 weeks

  • Shipping and handling estimate calculation is for continental United States of America. If shipping outside of the continental United States of America, shipping and handling will be calculated and totalled upon final invoice


Four 2 liter units per case

Applications:Use for cleaning and degreasing. Removes pencil and ink marks. Each 2 Liter bottle of concentrate makes 36 quarts of cleaning solution. Part of the Multi-Task Dilution Control System.Notes:Multi-Task™ Spray and wipe cleaner and degreaser. Removes greasy fingerprints, and other grease and grime on a variety of surfaces.
  • Super Concentrated, spray and wipe for cleaner degreaser for touch grime and soil
  • Use to degrease parts and other surfaces
  • Removes pencil and ink marks
Maybury Item #

Every day - Everywhere. Stronger than general purpose cleaners, attacks and lifts everyday grease and grime on hundreds of surfaces. Simply spray and wipe surfaces clean. Cars and trucks. Yield per 2 liter Bottle........ 38 Quarts of Ready to Use product. Your cost would be $1.37 every time you fill a spray bottle.
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Lead Time 1-2 weeks
Manufacturer Multi-Clean