Southworth Heavy-Duty Lift Table

These heavy-duty lifts are ideally suited for cargo handling and for lifting heavy industrial loads. Loadsaver™ lifts have built-in hydraulic overload relief to protect personnel and structure. Heavy-plate platforms with structural reinforcement for minimum deflection. Wide base for rigidity and stability.
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Heavy-Duty Lift Information
Model Number Capacity (pounds) Platform Range (in)
DL20-36 20,000 (60x76) to (96x108)
DL10-48 10,000 (47x76) to (84x108)
DL15-48 15,000 (60x76) to (96x108)
DL25-48 25,000 (60x76) to (96x108)
DL10-60 10,000 (60x102) to (96x144)
DL12-60 12,000 (60x102) to (96x144)
DL16-60 16,000 (60x102) to (96x144)
DL20-60 20,000 (60x120) to (96x144)
DL25-60 25,000 (72x144) to (108x180)
DL20-72 20,000 (72x144) to (108x180)
DL4-84 4,000 (60x120) to (96x156)
DL6-84 6,000 (60x120) to (96x156)
DL10-84 10,000 (60x120) to (96x156)
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Manufacturer Southworth