Southworth LiftMat Low-Profile Lift

In leased buildings or on upper floors where pits can't be built, you can still have the advantage of a roll-on lift table. The LIFTMAT by Southworth has a collapsed height from 3" - 4" depending on the model. Travel range is from 31" - 32" with a raised height of 35". Platform sizes range from 24" x 66" to 48" x 96".
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LiftMat Low-Profile Lift Information
Model Number Capacity (pounds) Platform Range (in.)
LM-05 500 (24x66) to (48x96)
LM1 1000 (24x66) to (48x96)
LM2 2000 (24x66) to (48x96)
LM4 4000 (24x66) to (48x96)
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Manufacturer Southworth