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  1. Cleaner Dispenser System
    Applications: Use the Multi-Task Wall Mount Dispenser to accurately and automatically make cleaning solutions at the touch of a button. The system uses your water to precisely blend Multi-Task concentrates with water. Make glass cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, odor counteractants, restroom cleaners and more.Notes:Multi-Task™ Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser. It is an ideal system to easily and accurately dispense any Multi-Clean Multi-Task Super Concentrated products. Accurate dilutions for filling spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets and/or auto scrubbers are possible with this two button dispenser. Fills at 2.5 GPM. Two Multi-Task units can easily be connected to form a four button unit with no additional parts needed. Lockable cabinet for added security.
    • Dispenses two different Multi-Task Concentrates
    • Wall Mounted
    • Connect two dispensers together to dispenser 4 different products
  2. High Gloss Floor Cleaner

    Four 2 liter units per case

    Applications:Century is safe to use on all types of floors including vinyl, linoleum, VCT, wood floors, laminate, marble, granite, polished concrete, natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and grouted tile flooring.Notes:Century is the one product for cleaning all types of flooring. Century is a neutral pH cleaner designed to remove the dirt and leave the shine. Century can be used to mop floors or used in automatic scrubbing machines. Fresh lemon scent. The patented package makes it easy to dilute the product correctly every time and eliminate waste. Simply squeeze the container to fill the built-in measuring cup and pour into water.
    • Non-Dulling, Rinse Free Neutral Cleaner
    • Green Seal Certified
    • Super concentrate saves money
  3. Daily Floor Cleaner
    4 x 2 Liter bottles A bio-based neutral cleaner for daily floor maintenance by damp mop or automatic scrubber. Contains enzyme producing microbes to deodorize and consume waste. Exceptional wetting makes a great rinse aid after stripping.   Daily Floor Cleaner
    • A concentrated daily floor cleaner that is based on palm, coconut, sugarcane, and corn. Naturally clean... Bio-Shine is fortified with enzymes to consume waste and neutralize odors.
    • Perfect for use on natural stone and other grouted floors.
    • Effectively cleans without dulling finished hard floors.
    • Contains enzymes to boost cleaning power and to reduce odors.
    • Tropical citrus fragrance.
  4. All Purpose Cleaner
    4 x 2 Liter bottles Detergent cleaner designed for multi-purpose use, top scrub cleaner for floors or as a spray cleaner on walls, switch plates, venetian blinds, leather upholstery, table tops, baseboards, sealed wood, shelving, etc. USDA C-1   BLUE BLAZES is the one cleaner for all surfaces from floor to ceiling. It can be safely used on all surfaces not harmed by water. #6 Blue Blazes is a work horse cleaner that can be used in mop buckets, automatic scrubbers, spray bottles, microfiber cleaning systems and even for laundering heavily soiled items (i.e. rags, linens, mops). Top scrubbing with 6 Blue Blazes prior to recoating helps extend the life and bright appearance of finished floors. The detergents effectively lift and suspend embedded dirt and leaves a clean, prepared surface for recoating. Spray and wipe cleaning using 6 Blue Blazes offers excellent economy and effective cleaning. Use on walls, switch plates, venetian blinds, leather and plastic upholstery, table tops, fixtures, baseboards, sealed wood, porcelain and chrome, shelving, moldings, counter tops, and much more.
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