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  1. Cleaner Dispenser System
    Applications: Use the Multi-Task Wall Mount Dispenser to accurately and automatically make cleaning solutions at the touch of a button. The system uses your water to precisely blend Multi-Task concentrates with water. Make glass cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, odor counteractants, restroom cleaners and more.Notes:Multi-Task™ Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser. It is an ideal system to easily and accurately dispense any Multi-Clean Multi-Task Super Concentrated products. Accurate dilutions for filling spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets and/or auto scrubbers are possible with this two button dispenser. Fills at 2.5 GPM. Two Multi-Task units can easily be connected to form a four button unit with no additional parts needed. Lockable cabinet for added security.
    • Dispenses two different Multi-Task Concentrates
    • Wall Mounted
    • Connect two dispensers together to dispenser 4 different products
  2. Ultra-Stripper Floor Finish Remover - 4 Gallons
    • Removes multiple layers of floor finishes easily, including semi-permanent seals
    • Fresh scent allows for use in occupied facilities, such as health care buildings and schools
    • Great for deep cleaning of grouted tile floors
    • Non-butyl, non-caustic, non-corrosive formula
    • Green Seal certification assures product is safe for the environment
  3. Inferno Floor Stripper - 4 Gallons
    Inferno is designed to maximize stripping speed and efficiency by utilizing a blend of active solvents, emulsifiers, and "uncrosslinking" agents. Inferno works fast and gets floors stripped completely the first time. Over 40% actives attack, penetrate and emulsify multiple coats. Remains fluid for easy pick-up, won't dry out or become gummy. Great for autoscrub stripping, almost zero foam. Even works on semi-permanent seals, and heavily burnished finishes. Pleasant Sassafras fragrance.
  4. Stampede Heady Duty Stripper - 4 Gallons
    STAMPEDE is an economical aggressive floor finish stripper with heavy-duty stripping action powerful enough to virtually drive finish right off the floor. It is formulated with a high performance blend of non-butyl solvents and an odorless ammonia substitute. The result is effective cutting action in a dilution that requires less product usage. When STAMPEDE is used, the only thing left is a bare floor ready to be coated.
  5. Restore-Spray-Burnish Finish Maintainer - 4 Gallons
    Versatile A multiple use finish restorer formulated for high and ultra high speed floor care systems. R.S.B. can be used with all Multi-Clean floor finishes.

    Easy to Use R.S.B. can be used as a mop-on restorer, as a high speed spray burnishing compound, or as a cleaner restorer through an automatic scrubber.

    Labor Saver Quick and easy to apply, R.S.B. restores the “wet look” on floors while providing excellent scuff, scratch and black heel mark resistance.
  6. Acryl-Kote Seal and Finish - 4 Gallons
    ACRYL-KOTE SEAL AND FINISH is essentially an odorless, water-based product formulated with top quality metal cross-linked polymers and light colored resins which provide a tough, clear seal and finish that is remarkably resistant to discoloration.
  7. StoneShield Marble Floor Care - 4 Gallons
    The natural beauty of marble flooring can be effectively maintained and preserved with the StoneShield™ Marble Floor Care Program.

    Multi-Clean STONESHIELD is formulated to bond to marble and other natural stone floors to provide effective protection against wear, water, soiling and deterioration.
  8. Max Plus Floor Finish - 4 Gallons
    Ease of Use Max Plus goes down easily and dries to a deep shine. Max Plus contains up to 50%* more protection compared to many conventional floor finishes. Three coats of Max Plus can provide equivalent protection and gloss compared to 5 coats of regular floor finishes.

    This new revolutionary acrylic polymer technology has outstanding detergent resistance so dirty floors can be aggressively cleaned without removing shine. Max Plus has also proven to be more durable and resistant to black heel marks than other high speed finishes.
  9. Decade 100 25% Solids Floor Finish - 4 Gallons
    DECADE 100® is a 25% high solids finish that provides maximum gloss and protection per coat. The product contains more non-volatile solids than conventional products which means fewer coats are needed saving you time and labor costs. DECADE 100 goes down smooth and easy, recoats beautifully and dries quickly.

    DECADE 100 is so flexible it can be used in programs based on high speed, ultra high speed or low speed. It holds up beautifully under high intense traffic and intense maintenance including nightly burnishing. DECADE 100 keeps coming back with a sparkling shine that stands up to the heaviest traffic. Optical brightners in DECADE 100 help make spectacular looking floors by enhancing light reflectivity and shine
  10. Splendor Performance Floor Finish - 4 Gallons
    Exceptional Durability: Floors Look Better . . . Longer Find out what loyal users have known for years; SPLENDOR keeps it shine longer, resists scuffs and black marks, all with less maintenance resulting in savings of time and money.

    Brilliant Gloss . . . Exceptional Clarity SPLENDOR produces a high shine with clarity that produces sharp, distinct mirror images. This high shine and clarity produces a more brilliant gloss that enhances a floor’s appearance. Use on all types of resilient tile as well as terrazzo type floors.
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