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  1. Cleaner Dispenser System
    Applications: Use the Multi-Task Wall Mount Dispenser to accurately and automatically make cleaning solutions at the touch of a button. The system uses your water to precisely blend Multi-Task concentrates with water. Make glass cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, odor counteractants, restroom cleaners and more.Notes:Multi-Task™ Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser. It is an ideal system to easily and accurately dispense any Multi-Clean Multi-Task Super Concentrated products. Accurate dilutions for filling spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets and/or auto scrubbers are possible with this two button dispenser. Fills at 2.5 GPM. Two Multi-Task units can easily be connected to form a four button unit with no additional parts needed. Lockable cabinet for added security.
    • Dispenses two different Multi-Task Concentrates
    • Wall Mounted
    • Connect two dispensers together to dispenser 4 different products
  2. Industrial Odor Removal Cleaner
    4 x 2 Liter bottles Concentrated odor counteractant uses neutralizer chemistry and leaves a tropical scent. Spray diluted product directly on odor causing source such as dumpsters, garbage cans, diaper pails, linen bins, portable toilets.   Odor Counteractant & Neutralizer Kills Odors Not just a coverup, Odor-Rite Tropical Fresh’s unique chemistry captures and inactivates malodor molecules.   Versatile Use in a spray bottle for general air freshening, pump up sprayer for dumpsters, or other malodor sources. Add to mop water or auto scrubber solution tanks to leave a fresh scent behind after cleaning.   Fresh N’ Clean Fragrance After using Odor-Rite Tropical Fresh Odor Control, a long lasting fresh fragrance is left behind to leave areas smelling clean.
  3. Deodorized Cleaner
    4 x 2 Liter bottles Deodorized Cleaner leaves a lavender scent. Spray N wipe, mop on or auto scrub most surfaces.   Magico is a fast acting, heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser formulated to remove grease and grime from a variety of surfaces. It can be used on painted, metal and plastic objects to clean grease, soot, fingerprints, smudges, some inks, crayon and other common soils. Magico’s lavender scent remains long after areas are cleaned.
  4. Enzyme Cleaner & Deodorizer
    4 x 2 Liter bottles A 3 in 1 product that effectively cleans, consumes, and freshens after the cleaning is done. Contains enzyme producing microbes.   Tri-Fecta Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner is a bio-enzymatic product with microbial cleaning action. Each gallon of solution contains billions of beneficial microbes to help clean and consume waste and eliminate odor-causing soil. Use to clean foul odor-causing soil from urine, vomit, feces, sweat, food waste, smoke and animal odors. Tri-Fecta Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner is great for cleaning restroom floors and other surfaces that may harbor odor-causing soil. Use in schools, hospitals, vet clinics, restaurants, office buildings and more.
  5. Odor-Out Deodorant - 4 Gallons
    Odor-Out is a versatile product for use in unlimited applications. It is a highly concentrated deodorant that can be sprayed, mopped or wiped on any surface that is not harmed by water.
  6. Bio-Power Plus - 4 Gallons
    BIO-POWER Plus is a multi-purpose biological digester/odor counteractant. It contains a synergistic blend of microorganisms that release enzymes to consume a variety of organic debris including urine deposits, trap & drain grease, vomit, rotting garbage, milk and blood stains, septic waste and other similar odor causing debris
  7. Magico Concentrated Deodorizing Cleaner - 4 Gallons
    Magico is an amazing product that cleans and deodorizes in one step. Magico is the one product for all of your cleaning needs, use on floors, walls, countertops, and other washable surfaces. Great for restrooms, kitchens, office buildings, schools, retail stores or anywhere a deodorizing cleaner is desired. The long lasting lavender fragrance leaves surfaces smelling fresh and clean.

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