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  1. Cleaner Dispenser System
    Applications: Use the Multi-Task Wall Mount Dispenser to accurately and automatically make cleaning solutions at the touch of a button. The system uses your water to precisely blend Multi-Task concentrates with water. Make glass cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectants, odor counteractants, restroom cleaners and more.Notes:Multi-Task™ Dispenser is a wall mounted dispenser. It is an ideal system to easily and accurately dispense any Multi-Clean Multi-Task Super Concentrated products. Accurate dilutions for filling spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets and/or auto scrubbers are possible with this two button dispenser. Fills at 2.5 GPM. Two Multi-Task units can easily be connected to form a four button unit with no additional parts needed. Lockable cabinet for added security.
    • Dispenses two different Multi-Task Concentrates
    • Wall Mounted
    • Connect two dispensers together to dispenser 4 different products
  2. Glass & Surface Cleaner

    Four 2 liter units per case

    Applications:Each 2 Liter bottle of concentrate makes 88 quarts of cleaning solution. Part of the Multi-Task Dilution Control System.Notes:Multi-Task™ #2 Multi-Shine Glass and Surface Cleaner cuts dirt and grime on windows and mirrors. Great for general purpose cleaning of any polished or painted surfaces (brass, aluminum, vinyl, plastics, Formica, stainless steel, etc.). Safe for use on polycarbonate. Streak Free. Leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Low VOC's, Ammonia, alcohol, and solvent free. The 2-liter bottle can be dispensed through the Multi-Task Dispenser (0605994), the Multi-Task U-Fill Gun (0605995) or by the "Squeeze and Pour" method.
    • Cleans mirrors, glass and windows
    • Safer for polycarbonate and acrylic
    • Green Seal Certified
  3. Multi-Clean 007 Heavy Duty Cleaner
    Packaging 4 x 2 liter Bottles Double-O-Seven when dispensed through the Multi-Task Dispenser is used for grout cleaning and brightening, kitchen degreasing, restroom cleaning, spotting and stain removal, pre-spray and other tough cleaning tasks. The combination of hydrogen peroxide (the “OXYgenator” which provides color safe bleaching and deodorizing) and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning of all water safe surfaces, yet is very environmentally responsible. Double-O-Seven is effective at removing greasy soils, dirt, and oils while brightening and deodorizing the surfaces at the same time. Double-O-Seven does not contain any glycol ethers such as “Butyl”, phosphates, nonylphenols, or chlorine bleach.
  4. Restroom, Tub & Shower Cleaner
    4 x 2 Liter bottles Restroom tub and tile cleaner removes hard water scale and soap scum, clinging foam insures maximum effectiveness on walls. New safe acid technology is non-corrosive to skin, yet has the cleaning power of strong acids.   Restroom Cleaning and Deodorizing Use on sinks, countertops, and fixtures for daily cleaning and deodorizing of restroom surfaces. Excellent for showers and tubs to remove stubborn hard water scale and soap scum. Safe on chrome surfaces for daily usage. Removes and prevents mineral deposits and soap scum build-ups. Brightens grout.   Safer to Work With Contains a low pH Organic Salt which is non-corrosive to skin, yet is more effective than phosphoric acid, citric acid, sulfamic acid or acetic acid for removing mineral deposits, soap scum or rust stains.
  5. Soap Scum Remover
    4 x 2 Liter bottles Non-acid tub and shower high foaming soap scum remover. Rich clinging foam assures extended dwell time to loosen soap scum and mineral deposits.   Tough on Soap Scum Soap Scum Remover contains a high powered blend of chelating agents, lime soap dispersants and solvents to attack, dissolve and disperse soap films. Soap scum forms when soap residues react with dissolved minerals in water to form an insoluble film.   Showers and More Great for cleaning showers, bathtubs and general purpose restroom cleaning. Use on sinks, basins, countertops, partitions, etc. Nonacid formula is safe for chrome and marble surfaces.
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