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  1. Taylor-Dunn G-100
    The G-100 is an outdoor gasoline powered vehicle with dump box, large knobby tires and high ground clearance perfect for schools, universities, nurseries, parks, or any other place where you need to move over rough terrain. The G-100 is a 2-passenger vehicle which travels at speeds up to 25 mph, can hold 500 pounds of cargo, and can tow up to 1,500 pounds.
  2. Taylor Dunn Bigfoot 3000
    An addition to the BIGFOOT line of electric "Comfort & Performance" vehicles, the Bigfoot 3000 is a utility vehicle which competes with gasoline vehicles in outdoor applications. Equipped with a 48 volt AC motor, our GT drive and rack and pinion steering, this vehicle travels at 18 mph with a distance up to 40 miles. Standard features include deluxe cab, load range E tires, durable frame design, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes and heavy-duty drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs.
  3. Taylor Dunn SC-100 24V
    Taylor Dunn's SC-100 24V is a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in any warehousing application. This unique narrow aisle, highly maneuverable vehicle provides an ergonomic advantage to the operator by bringing him closer to the material to be picked. The SC-100 24V is designed with an all steel unitized body with automotive differential and 24 volt GT drive system, providing years of service in rugged applications. Equipped with 4, 5 or 6 step ladder, the SC-100 36V allows the operator to pick materials from higher stock locations.

    Options like multilevel shelving, clipboard, automotive steering wheel or extended deck overlay provide maximum functionality for your operation. The SC-100 24V configured with roll out or lift out battery box can provide 24 hours of service in any warehousing application.
  4. Taylor-Dunn K-45
    The K-45 is a rugged platform truck which handles workloads of 4000-6000 lb. outdoors and is readily adaptable to in-plant operation. This vehicle can be customized with a ladder rack, stake sides, steel sides, dump bed, tool boxes, and locking storage boxes to fit your application.
  5. Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot 36V
    Taylor-Dunn's new line of Bigfoot® electric vehicles has a 10 inch larger operator's compartment, adjustable seats, and tilted steering wheel for improved legroom and operator comfort. Additional standard features include our GT Drive system, 36 volt AC power, hydraulic disc brakes, regenerative braking, recessed tie-downs, 12 gauge smooth skin, unitized steel body, LED lighting, cupholders, and a heavy duty all gear drive train that ensures reliability and low maintenance costs. This vehicle can be configured to tow 17,500 pounds.
  6. Taylor-Dunn SC-175 Stockchaser
    The SC-175 Stockchaser is a cost effective solution to improve efficiency in warehousing applications. These narrow aisle, highly maneuverable vehicles bring the operator closer to the material that needs to be picked.

    The SC-175 Stockchaser travels at speeds up to 8 mph and can carry up to 1,200 lbs. It's equipped with a step ladder, allowing operators to pick materials from high stock locations.
  7. Taylor-Dunn Huskey II AC EE
    The Huskey II AC EE combines high-powered towing in a compact maneuverable tow tractor, while providing optimal safety, comfort and ease of use. This vehicle is UL approved to UL 583 type EE. It has additional features that allow operation in certain controlled environments. Consult your local fire authority for appropriate applications.
  8. Taylor-Dunn C-420 Electric Tow Tractor
    The Taylor-Dunn C-420 electric tow tractor is a material handling solution that provides maneuverability, ruggedness, and reliability. The C-420’s ruggedness begins with its all welded steel construction incorporating 1/4” thick panels riding on a leaf spring suspension. The power traction, oil bath chain, transmission with automotive differential, standard 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, and pneumatic tires make sure the C-420 will start, stop, and ride with ease.

    Equipped with DC Series wound motors, solid state speed controllers and accelerator modules, the C-420 offers reliability and value in a tractor that can tow up to 20,000 lbs. at speeds of 8 mph. Maneuverability is achieved with a compact design incorporating a short wheel base and a 24:1 gear reduced automotive steering system, which allows for operation within tight quarters.
  9. Taylor-Dunn MX-600
    The Taylor-Dunn MX-600 is a product solution designed to move a repairman, tool chest, and workbench to down equipment in less than one third of the time required by conventional methods. The MX-600 improves repair and maintenance productivity by reducing the time to each equipment to be serviced and providing a mobile work shop at the service site. Equipped with 24-volt battery system, the MX-600 can travel at speeds of 9 mph. An all welded steel unitized body and frame is built to last for years of use. The modularized control system design provides ease of maintenance on all electrical systems. Safety loop tiller steering protects the driver, and a solid state controller and hall effect accelerator module provide safe acceleration during daily operation.
  10. Taylor-Dunn TC-50E
    Taylor-Dunn TC-50E is an 80 volt AC powered electric tow tractor that has 3,000-5,000 pounds (1,361 to 2,268 kgs) of drawbar pull. With its low profile and compact design, the TC-50E AC provides excellent visibility and ergonomics for optimal driving capability. The tractor provides steel unibody frame construction for durability and reliability.

    This tractor is equipped with a Parallel Motor drive axle, 26.8 hp motor and travels at 15 miles per hour. Four-wheel hydraulic braking system and hydrostatic power steering, coupled with 144 inch turning radius make this vehicle a highly maneuverable machine. The TC-50E is equipped with rear control buttons for inching up to intended loads.
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