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  1. Pallet Level Loader - Hydraulic Powered
    This powered hydraulic PalletPal Load leveler has an adjustable flow control valve utilizing an internally mounted electric motor and hydraulic pump. Simple foot controls provide easy hands-free adjustment for positioning work height for safe and efficient loading/unloading.  
    • Base Dimensions: 36"W x 36"L
    • Lowered height: 8-3/4"
    • Raised height: 32-3/4"
    • Load capacity: 4,000 lbs.
    • 43-5/8" turntable with low-friction bearing support
    • Uses standard 110v electricity
    • Foot controls position load at any height within the unit's working range
    • Wide base for stability
    • Fork pockets for easy relocation by fork truck
    • Parts and labor covered by 2-year manufacturer warranty
  2. Southworth Spacesaver High-Rise Lift
    LSH Spacesaver™ lifts can be used as personnel work platforms, as cargo lifts between levels, as mezzanine lifts, for automated palletizing systems, and for positioning test apparatus or tools. These lifts are available with vertical travel up to 12 ft. Capacities range from 1,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. High rise with minimum floor space Extremely stable Loads to 12,000 lbs Vertical Travel to 12'.
  3. Southworth Heavy-Duty Lift Table
    These heavy-duty lifts are ideally suited for cargo handling and for lifting heavy industrial loads. Loadsaver™ lifts have built-in hydraulic overload relief to protect personnel and structure. Heavy-plate platforms with structural reinforcement for minimum deflection. Wide base for rigidity and stability.
  4. Southworth PalletPal Mobile Leveler
    Used by itself as a mobile pallet positioner or as the perfect companion to your PalletPal®, the mobile leveler can deliver and remove loads quickly and easily without the expense of a ride-on fork truck. Perform multiple functions with one versatile machine. Used by itself as a mobile pallet positioner or as the perfect companion to your PalletPal®, the mobile leveler can deliver and remove loads quickly and easily without the expense of a ride-on fork truck.   The straddle design accepts any pallet or skid. One PalletPal® Mobile Leveler can feed multiple PalletPals®. Comes with 115V battery charger and is available with automatic load leveling eye. For use with skids and open or closed bottom pallets up to 40" wide. Adjustable fork width from 14" to 31".
  5. Southworth PalletPal Disc Turntable
    Low-profile design, less than 1" high, allows PalletPal™ Disc Turntables to accept a hand pallet jack. By rotating the load, the operator always works from the nearside without walking around the pallet. The risk of injury from reaching or streching is virtually eliminated. The turntable is totally portable and can be easily moved throughout the plant.  

  6. Southworth PalletPal Handling Lift Truck
    If you use open bottom pallets or skids, now you can transport and palletize with a single unit. The original high lifting pallet truck for transporting and positioning unit loads to the most comfortable and convenient working height. Loads can be adjusted up and down at the touch of a button or the unit can be equipped with an optional "level eye" for auto leveling. The PalletPal Lift truck has great maneuverability in narrow aisles and minimum reach-over when using open bottom skids or pallets. Fork width available at 20.5" or 27". PalletPal Lift Trucks are ideal for machine feeding and offloading, load unitizing/palletizing, transportinig loads to and from assembly and staging areas or as adjustable height workstations. The Electric Model features a 12 Volt Pump, Battery, and comes with 115V battery charger.  
    • 1,600 pound first stage capacity
    • Infinite height adjustment within the working range
    • Internal battery charger and battery discharge indicator
    • Ergonomic contoured handle and group controls for convenience
    • Auto locking casters to prevent movement when unit is in the raised position

  7. Southworth Backsaver Lite Lift Table
    Southworth Backsaver Lite Lifts are available in three basic configurations: Stationary, Portable with DC power and Compact with extended vertical travel in a small footprint. Capacities are from 500 to 1,500 lbs. with travel up to 35" depending on model. These rugged, dependable, low capacity lifts are packed with features. -Low pressure hydraulics -Fast raising and lowering -Fully adjustable down speed -Heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection -Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings -Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range -Heavy-duty wire braided hoses for maximum burst strength -Tell-tale return hydraulic line prevents fluid spillage -Built-in maintenance chocks -Bolt-on power unit is neat, clean and allows for easy access to all components  
  8. Southworth Backsaver Lift Table
    Southworth Backsaver™ Lifts are extremely rugged and reliable machines. Thousands of Backsaver Lifts are in use throughout the United States for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading, and a wide range of other applications. They are available in many basic sizes and capacities to lift and position loads up to 6,000 lbs at heights to 48". The wide range of power options, controls, tabletops, and base configurations that can be specified for each of the many basic sizes gives the user an almost unlimited choice of variations.  
  9. Southworth Dock Saver Lift
    You can save the high cost of dock construction, work from any truck bed level to grade level and handle unstable loads quickly and safely with Dock Saver™ Lifts. These lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors and will handle all loads up to 20,000 lbs. For applications where the height of the truck bed must be adjusted, Southworth also offers a line of extra heavy-duty truck levelers in capacities from 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. to meet even the most massive load requirements.

  10. Southworth Lift Turntable
    The built-in turntable is essentially flush to the table platform in a clean, uncluttered design. The turntable bearings and support are under the platform and do not substantially increase the lowered height over that of comparable lifts without turntables. The turntable sits only 3/16" higher than the surrounding platform and is rotationally locked when the lift is in the full down position. Flush Mount turntable lifts are available in standard Southworth Backsaver Lift capacities to 4000 lbs. Turntables are available in 2 sizes; 20" and 43" diameter and are fitted into a limited number of platform sizes. The 43" diameter model can even be pit mounted.  
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