Restroom, Tub & Shower Cleaner

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4 x 2 Liter bottles Restroom tub and tile cleaner removes hard water scale and soap scum, clinging foam insures maximum effectiveness on walls. New safe acid technology is non-corrosive to skin, yet has the cleaning power of strong acids.   Restroom Cleaning and Deodorizing Use on sinks, countertops, and fixtures for daily cleaning and deodorizing of restroom surfaces. Excellent for showers and tubs to remove stubborn hard water scale and soap scum. Safe on chrome surfaces for daily usage. Removes and prevents mineral deposits and soap scum build-ups. Brightens grout.   Safer to Work With Contains a low pH Organic Salt which is non-corrosive to skin, yet is more effective than phosphoric acid, citric acid, sulfamic acid or acetic acid for removing mineral deposits, soap scum or rust stains.
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Environmentally Responsible FOAMY MAC contains biodegradable surfactants, acid safe technology, and is not formulated with VOC’s, butyl, petroleum-derived solvents, NPE’s or phosphates
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