Vertical Steel Face Bumpers 6" Thick Series - 20" Height

  • 85 LBS

  • Product will ship in 1-2 weeks

  • Shipping and handling estimate calculation is for continental United States of America. If shipping outside of the continental United States of America, shipping and handling will be calculated and totalled upon final invoice

Vertical Steel Face Bumpers 6" Thick Series - 20" Height eliminates wear from up and down friction movement of trailers loading and unloading. Cost effective due to longer wear expectancy and fewer replacement costs. Impervious to weather damage. Maintenance free. 1 year warranty.

USES & APPLICATIONS Ideal for use in docking areas where excessive friction from up and down trailer movement occurs. Can be used in any material handling system area where heavy duty protection is needed.
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Lead Time 1-2 weeks
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Color N/A
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